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Polythene Carrier Bags

As well as personalised polythene carrier bags we stock plain polythene carriers in a variety of sizes and colours.

Printed Polythene Carriers

Widdups are one of only a few companies in the UK that can print polythene carriers with a minimum order of only 500, but no one else can match our quality. We have a greater variety of colours and sizes, use heavier gauge polythene and our overprint quality is unbeatable.

Plain 8" x 12"

Quality 300 gauge small carriers available in 5 colours from stock.

Plain 11" x 14" + 4"

Quality, small to medium sized 250 gauge carriers available in 6 colours from stock.

Plain 11" x 17" x 21.5"

Medium sized vest style carrier available in white.

Plain 16" x 18" + 4"

High quality, 250 gauge medium sized carrier available in 6 colours.

Plain 22" x 20" + 4"

Good quality, 225 gauge large sized carrier available in white, ivory or gold.

Plain 28" x 24" + 6"

The largest sized carrier available from stock.